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Our Vision

Prepare all of us to reach 

our potential in an ever 

changing world.

Our Mission Statement

We are a learning community dedicated to 

promoting academic excellence, fostering 

cultural sensitivity, and developing the full 

potential of every star in our Stoner 

Avenue Family.

Student Responsibilities

Be Safe. Be respectful. Be Responsible.

Students Steal the Show at 5th Culmination!

5th Grade Has a Field Day at U.C.L.A.

Stoner Avenue Orchestra Students Play at the Westside Serenade

Mrs. Haro, Our Principal, Reading at the Literacy Fair

Mrs. Haro, Our Principal, Reading at the Literacy Fair

Stoner Ave Kicks Off Its Week Long Book Fair

Local Community Comes Out for 2017 Career Day!

Parents Celebrate Reading Through Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration!

5th Grade Soars at Outdoor Science School Malibu

More Outdoor Discoveries

Today: 6/27/17

Fun for All at the Fall Festival

Stoner Avenue Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

5th Grade Visits 826LA to Kick-Off Our Personal Narratives

2016 Career Day

4th Grade CA Missions and More Play

3rd Graders Using Manipulatives to Make Arrays

4th Graders Learn About Ecosystems and Native Americans in La Ballona Wetlands

4th & 5th Graders Learn Teamwork and More in This Engineering Lesson!


Each week, the 4th and 5th graders at Stoner Avenue participate in hands-on science lessons.  During this lesson, each team of 4-5 students was given 10 plastic cups, several pieces of string, and one rubber band.  Their challenge was to stack the cups without actually touching them.  It was a difficult challenge, but all groups had success.

4th Grade Makes California Maps

Nuestra Visión

Prepararnos para alcanzar 

nuestro potencial en un 

mundo tal cambiante.

Declaración de Nuestra Misión

Nosotros somos una comunidad de 

aprendizaje dedicada a promover la 

excelencia académica, creando 

sensibilidad cultural y desarrollando todo 

el potencial de cada estrella de nuestra 

familia de la Escuela Stoner Ave.

Responsabilidades de los estudiantes

Ser seguros. Ser Respetuoso.  

Ser responsable.